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Christchurch Hill - Post 3

Christchurch Hill - Post 2

Christchurch Hill - Post 1

Meadow Close - Post 8

After many months of construction, landscaping and decorating the Bungalows are now complete.

Meadow Grange - Post 7

This computer generated image of the bungalows shows how they should look in the next few weeks. We have made advancments inside the bungalows, the screed is done and so is the plastering, the roof is being insulated and the services are being connected.

Meadow Grange - Post 6

The roofs are completed now, as you can see the facias and soffits are on and the gutters are fitted. All that is needed now to make the bungalows weather proof is the doors and windows, that have been ordered and are being produced now ready for fitting early next week.

Meadow Grange - Post 5

The wall plate fully secured to the blockwork, the exciting process of instaling the roof trusses begins. The roof trusses are specificaly engineered for each bungalow, a crane is needed to lift the heavy trusses into place before they are securely fastened to the blockwork and wall plate. All the trusses will be tied together using timber, this will improve stability and strength.

Meadow Grange - Post 4

The brickwork as you can see has really come along now. All the internal blockwork on both bungalows has been completed, and the external brick and blockwork up to plate level has been completed. You can clearly see from the photo that the insulaion has been installed. There is a lintel over the window (right of the shot) this is a fully insulated lintel, this type of lintel is used in order to make sure the bungalows are as energy efficient as possible.

Meadow Grange - Post 3

Since the last post, drainage has been layed out and connected. The brick layers have started to construct both bungalows, the pictures show the floors in both bungalows and the air vents located ready for the rest of the brickwork. Here you can start to see the shape and size of the bungalows.

Meadow Grange - Post 2

As you can see in the photo a lot has happened this week. The piles have been set and all the site mapped out ready for the ring beam to be constructed. This is the foundation of the buildings. A ring beam is a steel cage filled with concrete and laced to the pile caps.

Meadow grange- Post 1

The site has been levelled and the fences to the side have been renewed, although it doesnt look like it alot of hard work has gone into stripping and leveling the site in order to prepare it for the two bungalows. Next week the groundwork begins.

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